We believe in allowing the essence of our vineyards to shine through. We strive to craft fine, world-class wines that are distinctive expressions of their regions. Wines that are hedonistic and seductive, but so authentic they speak of their grape varietals, individual vines, soils, climates, and the people who help create them.   


Our job is to uncover a vineyard’s natural personality and give it the stage to express itself and shine.




Every decision has significance. Like a sculptor, we start with the most pristine material available, then thoughtfully refine it until the shape of something more beautiful is revealed. We start with some of the most highly acclaimed vineyards in the world. During the growing season we identify the strongest vines to isolate the fruit at harvest. The fruit is picked just as it achieves phenolic maturity while the flavors are ripe but still fresh. From these sorted clusters, only the ideal berries make it to fermentation. We prefer a cool fermentation and long maceration to gently extract the purest fruit and tannin. We separate the free run and press wine to evaluate later. After 22 months of aging, only the best barrels make Vice Versa. The best of the best make BBS. The best of the BBS make Magnificent Seven. This draconian approach to classification is rarely taken as it leaves tiny yields, but we find what remains is the purest expression of a vineyard’s identity and in turn, the wine’s spirit. We consider these wines a work of art that we wish to share with our friends while spreading joy, depth, provenance, and our passion.



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